About Me

Versatile and analytical graduate with proven background in efficiently handling digital/analogue retouching briefs.
Successfully completed a three-year degree at Middlesex University achieving a First Class Honours in BAhons Photography.


Technical skills include scanning various mediums including small, medium and large colour/black and white negatives, slide, glass plates, and assorted prints using Flextight and Immacon scanners. The ability to digitally manipulate images in a post-product area is my strongest point. During the time I started to work as a freelance retoucher, I have been credited with maintaining production of a high volume of images within the deadlines provided to me. This has provided me with consistent flow of projects due to my ability to utilise appropriate digital asset management techniques. Digitally modify images appropriately to set briefs – all areas including manipulation of product/skin and layouts.
I have a vast experience preparing images for use on websites and able to handle folders and files structures as well as cataloguing images properly ranging from Photoshop edits to desktop folders.
I have excellent knowledge of vital software including Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and InDesign as well as solid technical skills using both digital SLR and traditional SLR.
Furthermore I have successful track record with Chromogenic printing, proficiency in spotting dust and scratches on both colour and black and white prints. Over five years printing analogue using De Vere enlargers as well as extensive experience with Giclée printing.

Check out my blog for my personal work - landscape photography using film negatives and portraiture.
Alternatively you can use my social media links to check out work in progress.